JoeyTweets BookBlast – “The Love of My Life was All in My Head” by Alexandra Pauley

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Title: “The Love of My Life was All in My Head”

Author: Alexandra Pauley

Genres: creative nonfiction, self help, relationship

Description: There comes a time in our lives when the painful experience we endure ends up being worth the self-awareness we gain. “The Love of My Life was All in My Head” is my story of love. This book is written from the unique angle of what I learned from loving, and losing, a remarkable man.Continue reading

JoeyTweets BookBlast – “Open Your G.I.F.T.S., Volume 2: 42 Lessons on Finding and Embracing Blessings in Disguise” presented by Kim Coles

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Title: “Open Your G.I.F.T.S.: 42 Lessons on Finding and Embracing Blessings in Disguise”

Author: Claudia Wair and various authors

Genres: nonfiction, self-help, self-discovery

Description: Claudia Wair’s essay “Learn to Fly” appears in “Open Your G.I.F.T.S.: 42 Lessons on Finding and Embracing Blessings in Disguise,” presented by bestselling author and actress, Kim Coles. This anthology will be available for general release in August 2018, pre-ordering is available now.

When life throws us curveballs, it can be all too easy for us to ask “Why me?” However, what if we shifted our perspective and saw those events in our lives as blessings in disguise, as gifts that we can leverage to make our lives and the lives of others better? In the forthcoming anthology “Open Your G.I.F.T.S.” spearheaded by Kim Coles, each of the authors demonstrates how they turned their hardships into strengths by expressing and practicing Gratitude, Intention, Forgiveness, Triumph, and Self-Love.

Continue reading

JoeyTweets BookBlast – “Crossroads: The Discovery Journal: Reflecting and Reaching Out” by Gloria Jean Berry

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Title: “Crossroads: The Discovery Journal: Reflecting and Reaching Out”

Author: Gloria Jean Berry

Genres: self help, self esteem

Description: It’s a fact, everyone faces situations in which they cannot arrive at solutions alone. Life can be complex and confusing. This is particularly true during the late teens and young adult years. Although “Crossroads: The Discovery Journal:  Reflecting and Reaching Out” targets late teens and young adults, this combination book and journal will also have an impact on those beyond those stages of life.

Target Groups:  Late Teens and Young Adults, Parents and Educators of Late Teens and Young Adults

“Crossroads” is innovative and unique. Author and former teacher Gloria Jean Berry presents invaluable advice on how to get help in making those tough decisions that keep you awake at night. This self-help guide aims to enhance one’s decision-making skills.

You’ll learn that working through challenging, perplexing circumstances with the help of others can offer hope. Words of wisdom are also included from some of the country’s most powerful and influential figures. Their advice will inspire you to reach for your dreams with passion and determination.Continue reading

JoeyTweets BookBlast – “Points of View: Book 1” by Tony Thorne MBE

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Title: “Points of View: Book 1”

Author: Tony Thorne MBE

Genres: fiction, action, adventure, science fiction, fantasy

Description: In “Points of View: Book 1,” the hero is a young blind Londoner, named Horace Mayberry, who gets fitted out with some nanotronic eyes. They are inherently intelligent and can develop various functions to assist in whatever awkward situations the lad gets into. Horace is a cautious lad, who also occasionally experiences vivid dreams. He is recruited into a secret government agency in payment for his new eyes, as an apprehensive assistant to an experienced agent, Captain Aubrey Jackson, and embarks on a series of adventures, including being abducted twice by an international gang of crooks, led by Rudolph Beckmann a billionaire financier who is after the secrets of the laboratory that developed the nanotronic eyes.

Each risky situation Horace encounters, including being kidnapped twice by the terrorists gang, cause his eyes to develop new superhuman abilities as they range over the entire electromagnetic spectrum. His experiences also enable his somewhat introvert personality to evolve too, and his dreams become more meaningful as he becomes somewhat impulsive and headstrong. Horace eventually captures the terrorists’ leader but he manages to escape, leading to an exciting finale when the two agents, backed up by a Spanish SWAT team, try to locate the terrorist’s hideout in Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands!Continue reading

JoeyTweets BookBlast – “Collage Conundrum: Just Be Cause” by A. J. Rogers

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Title: “Collage Conundrum: Just Be Cause”

Author: A. J. Rogers

Genres: fiction, gothic, teen, young adult, science fiction, fantasy, fairy tales

Description: Collage Conundrum. Deep. Dark. Beautiful. Humanitarian. Imaginative. Poetry written in prose, verse and blank verse. Explore: Metaphysical, Galactic, Social, Natural, and Political Realms. A collage of melodies for anyone looking for quick, short, yet deep escapes you will find yourself wanting to revisit. Do you want to take a surreal tour into outer space, or take yourself back to yesteryear, or enlighten your perspectives of societal roles and your dreams? If it’s only one of these journeys, or one that remains to be unseen, the choice is yours.Continue reading