#BookBlast “get seen and get read”

“If you build it, they will come…”

That’s a popular phrase, a powerful phrase. In and of itself, this is truly one of the sentiments that pushes creative endeavors forward. It is the essence of…

…making the intangible tangible. Knowing that you have an “it” (ex. a short story, a novel, a work of nonfiction, etc.) to which readers need and want to come, you often gain the mental fortitude necessary to turn an idea into something real and ready to be read.

“Get seen, and get read…”

This phrase is infinitely less popular than the one above. But it’s a more practical mentality to have in order to gain new readers and new reviews. There are millions of books available from millions of authors. How do you become the tree that a reader perches upon? How does your books become the leaves that providing an escape from everyday life?

If no one sees you, but your family and friends, you’ll remain unseen. Your books will remain unknown. That’s a problem. A simple solution would be a #BookBlast. If you don’t know where to start in terms of book promotion, why recreate the wheel? Enchance your marketing efforts with a #BookBlast today!