JoeyTweets BookBlast – “The Invention Man: Parts 1 & 2” by John “Rosebudd” Dickson

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Title: “The Invention Man: Parts 1 & 2”

Author: John “Rosebudd” Dickson

Genres: suspense, thriller

Description: In Part 1, Rodney Danville is a young ghetto genius recruited by the major pharmaceutical giant Bio Tech to do research in their labs. Unbeknownst to Rodney, he would be researching a drug called Xadil that had been banned from human consumption. He was prohibited from using test animals. All hell broke loose when he decided to use himself…

Part 2 picks up after Rodney has been captured after murdering several people. During the trial, the truth came to light. Rodney and another Bio Tech associate were pawns in a scheme to corner the pharmaceutical market with a cure for several ailments. Ultimately found innocent, he and his attorney fall in love with each other. The dangerous drug had somehow mutated his genes. With his daughter, the story continues…

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