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Title: “The GOD Maps: Volume 1”

Author: Yvette Kendall

Genres: metaphysical, science fiction, visionary


The time period in which these events took place is not disclosed. Five very talented and ambitious Scientists asked themselves an age-old question. “Where do our souls go after we die?” The question was posed, not in the esoteric sense, but in a geographical one. They committed themselves to find out the exact physical locations of “Heaven and Hell”.

However, their research gave them more than they bargained for. What you’re about to experience is a dramatic departure, from the norms of Science Fiction and popular faith-based understandings. The GOD Maps is the first book written by author Yvette Kendall. She delves into the clockworks of the afterworld, by means of creative and disruptive scientific experiments.
The mediums that the laboratory operates in, are not bound by moral limitations. Not until the line is drawn for them by opposing forces. Located in the sub-level of a well known Ivy League University. The lab is run by Dr. Ameerah Mahar, a seasoned Cryptologist. She is joined by four other accredited scientists. Together they create the fringe science team of Lab-J71. Their ultimate goal is to unlock the mysteries of life, death and God’s reality on a more tangible scale.

Their research and experiments have opened the Universe to the likes which have never been seen or heard of before. What we once had to wait for, can be experienced today, in real-time. They may be on the verge of witnessing the impossible with their own eyes.

Science can fill the gaps in extraordinary ways…if you know how to use it! The innovative scientific processes that the team has developed, will not only earn them a place in the history books; but the implications of their findings, will undoubtedly garner them a revised spot in the Good Book as well!

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