JoeyTweets BookBlast – “Awaken the Three: Book Two of the HIGHGLADE Series” by D. L. Jennings

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Title: “Awaken the Three: Book Two of the HIGHGLADE Series”

Author: D. L. Jennings

Genres: teen, young adult, alien science fiction, war and military fiction, myths and legends

Description: In the sequel to his award-winning novel Gift of the Shaper, D. L. Jennings once again brings to life an epic tale of war and chaos as earthly armies fight for otherworldly prizes.

Beyond the Wastes of Khulakorum, a storm is rising. The Shaper of Ages is gone, and along with her, the Breaker — yet gods are not the only threat to the peace of the living.

Aldis Tennech, the once-great general of the armies of Gal’dorok, finds himself in exile. His only hope of reclaiming glory lies in the hands of a self-proclaimed emperor, and the unearthly powers that put him there. Meanwhile, improbable alliances are forged in the north as unexpected enemies rear their heads and threaten ruin-with a single thread in common, connecting them all.

Ancient powers lying dormant must be called upon, bringing strength to those who need it and conquest to those who seek it; battles will rage and cities will fall, but only the most desperate or reckless would seek to awaken the three.

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JoeyTweets BookBlast – “From Then To Now” by Mitzi Mensch

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Title: “From Then To Now”

Author: Mitzi Mensch

Genres: contemporary literary fiction, contemporary literature, contemporary fiction

Description: From Then to Now is a novel within a novel. Maggie figures that, with events being so old, it is safe to tell all. Figuring wrong is her first mistake. Downloading the manuscript onto her grown daughters computer is her second mistake.

Andrea is dismayed to discover Maggie’s infidelity in her first marriage and shocked to learn of her grandmothers cloistered pregnancy and forced adoption of her newborn daughter. She uses the Internet to find the people mentioned in her mothers story, more to satisfy her own curiosity than to bring her mother peace.

From Then to Now spans six decades and addresses changes, both individual and societal, in attitude, perception, and awareness. These changes, triggered in part by outside world events, bring about personal understanding achieved only after loss is experienced and enlightenment has been attained.

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JoeyTweets BookBlast – “The Journey: A Traveling Companion Through the New Testament” by Debbie Johnson

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Title: “The Journey: A Traveling Companion Through the New Testament”

Author: Debbie Johnson

Genres: christian spiritual growth, new testament bible study

Description: At a time of unprecedented crisis in our lives comes an inspirational book, The Journey: A Traveling Companion Through the New Testament by Debbie Johnson, who has spent decades as a mission worker, and is the founder DenverWorks, a nonprofit dedicated to helping the unemployed find work. Whether you are a Christian, religious, or irreligious, Johnson’s contemporary interpretation of The New Testament will inspire all who read her book.

Years ago, Debbie took a glorious six-week backpacking trip to Europe. Now she takes readers on a metaphorical trek through the New Testament, filling her backpack with a year’s worth of inspirational items. For Debbie, her destination is love, plus the sense of “mission accomplished” in her life’s work.

Debbie Johnson’s decades of mission work include founding DenverWorks and serving in leadership positions at the Dalit Freedom Network and India Transformed. She has written two previous books, A Pocketful of Seeds and Lessons Learned from the Bottom of the Stairs: A Story of Faith and Resilience with Randy Milliken. She writes with the angst and honesty of a fellow traveler on this journey called life. The nuggets she finds within each passage of God’s word are poignant, refreshing, and invariably transformative.

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