JoeyTweets BookBlast – “The Resurrectionist” by A.R. Meyering

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Title: “The Resurrectionist”

Author: A.R. Meyering

Genres: historical fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal fantasy


Horror and fantasy intermingle in this imagined continuation to the true story of the Burke and Hare murders.

In 19th century Scotland, surgeon Edgar Price has only days to live. He has become host to a revenant that will corrode both his body and soul. Edgar’s fatal mistake has not only doomed him, but also released six more of these malignant wraiths onto the world. In his remaining time, he has vowed to stop the revenants from claiming other victims.

His perilous travels lead him to the Witches’ Wood, a haven for a sisterhood of powerful enchantresses. There he meets Ainsley, a witch with a fiery spirit and strong distrust of outsiders. She too is racing against the clock to save her life and will go to any lengths to spare her lover Colleen from the grief of losing her.

Despite their mutual dislike, Edgar and Ainsley find that the only way to traverse the twisted, otherworldly labyrinths that the revenants have created is to work together. Their mission becomes further complicated when Edgar begins to develop strong feelings for Fana, the guardian goddess of the Wood, in spite of Ainsley’s forbidding warnings to stay far away from her.

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