Inside the Literary Mind of Cendrine Marrouat, author of Walks: A Collection of Haiku

JoeyTweets Exclusive Author Interview
Inside the Literary Mind of…
Cendrine Marrouat, author of Walks: A Collection of Haiku
(Cendrine Media)

Joey Pinkney: How does practicing the haiku poetry form shape your thought processes and the way you move through your literary world?

Cendrine Marrouat: There are only two poetry forms that I write now: the Haiku and the Sixku, my invention. The Haiku has been part of my life for years. Not only has it forced me to be very concise, but it has also taught me to be a more impactful artist. I see haiku everywhere I go.Continue reading

Inside the Literary Mind of D. Krauss, author of the Frank Vaughn Killed by His Mom trilogy

Joey Pinkney Exclusive Author Interview
Inside the Literary Mind of…
D. Krauss, author of the Frank Vaughn Killed by His Mom trilogy
Dusty Skull Publishing

Joey Pinkney: The world in which Frank Vaughn dies by the hands of his mother is jagged and dangerous. What pieces of fantasy and reality did you pull from to give us the world explored in Frank Vaughn Killed by his Mom and its sequel Southern Gothic?

D. Krauss: From 1958 – 1968, America was kid Disneyland…the somewhat disturbing Pinocchio/Snow White/Snow Queen Disneyland, but you pays your money, you takes your chances. The freedom we had…marvelous. We hit the back door a little after sunrise and only crossed it again after the third shout of “Supper’s ready! Get your butt home!” Then right back out the door, if it was summer, or homework and then television until bedtime, if it wasn’t.Continue reading

JoeyTweets BookBlast – “Frank Vaughn Killed by his Mom” by D. Krauss

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Title: “Frank Vaughn Killed by his Mom”

Author: D. Krauss

Genres: family life fiction, coming of age fiction

Description: It’s summer, 1965. School’s out and Butch’s birthday is in a few weeks. Perfect; three months of freeze tag, hide and seek and riding his bike way past dark. Well, maybe not completely perfect — Frank Vaughn, a classmate, is beaten to death by his crazy mother for leaving a report card at school. On top of that, Dad is touchier than ever and Mom sadder, so best to hide out next door with his best friend Tommy reading X-Men and hoping for that birthday GI Joe.

But in one night, Butch’s summer explodes and he’s now riding across a turbulent and changing Dixie in a white Rambler station wagon, at the mercy of a manic depressive and wildly violent Dad. Like a crewman on Ulysses’ ship, Butch encounters a one-eyed evil grandfather, a 12-year-old Siren, the lotus-eaters of Alabama…and Frank Vaughn. If Butch ever sees his beloved sister, Cindy, again, it’ll be a miracle. If he’s alive at the end of the summer, it’ll be a bigger one.Continue reading

JoeyTweets BookBlast – “Kyande: Tech Genius” by Tiffany A. Flowers

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Title: “Kyande: Tech Genius”

Author: Tiffany A. Flowers

Genres: children’s dystopian fiction, dystopian fiction

Description: Nandi and Kyande are twin time travelers who live on post-Earth 2050. An evil scientist named Cecil Hawthorne controlled this new planet. He was once considered to be a hero until he secretly genetically engineered superhumans known as Lodes to enforce laws against the world’s population.

Continue reading

JoeyTweets BookBlast – “FACE YOUR WORD” by Schmuel and Michal Yaccoby

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Author: Schmuel Yaccoby and Michal Yaccoby

Genres: literary graphic novel, literature, fiction

Description: Written words leave their text and become alive. Each poem or story has its own expressive face and mysterious personality.

This book is full of amusing short stories and poems with lessons for those who are forever young. It’s seasoned with surprising word characters such as Stucker and Unstucker, who deal with being stuck in life.

Readers can see the differences between an ambitious character who likes TooBee and his friend who prefers NotTooBee. They will see the funny MaxiMax-Axe – who breaks Box to activate the even funnier Think-Outside-Box. Readers will encounter the Scratch each of us carry through life. And then there’s Known and None – the particles that handle our body and Mind within Atoms. Continue reading