Why use JoeyTweets.com?

Get your book seen by REAL people through REAL exposure.

  • On Twitter, @JoeyPinkney has 186K followers and @JoeyTweetsIt has 146K followers.
  • That’s a combined following of 332K!
  • Currently, tweets from @JoeyPinkney and @JoeyTweetsIt get 6M impression (views) a month.
  • I didn’t buy any followers. I’ve been slowly building my followers since December 2008 for @JoeyPinkney and since February 2012 for @JoeyTweetsIt.
  • Using StatusPeople.com’s Fakers App, it’s been determined that only 3% of @JoeyTweetsIt’s followers are “fake” and only 2% of @JoeyPinkney’s followers are “fake.”

If you don’t feel comfortable constantly talking about your book online and on social media, I do.

  • Instead of feeling like a used car salesman, let me present your book professionally.
  • I’ve been promoting, marketing and branding authors and their books for a decade.
  • I enjoy connecting readers with new authors and new books.
  • @JoeyPinkney and @JoeyTweetsIt get 26K profile views a month.

Let me take the guesswork out of “what to tweet.”

  • I know how to make the most out of 140 characters to make people look at what I’m tweeting about.
  • I know how to pull the essence of a story from paragraphs of words and pare it down to a sentence.
  • I know which hashtags will bring you the most clicks.

For more info, see JoeyTweets.com.