JoeyTweets BookBlast – “Claretta Street” by Colette Barris

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Title: “Claretta Street”

Author: Colette Barris

Genres: fiction, african american, historical fiction

Description: “Claretta Street” follows the lives of four young African-American girls living in Pacoima, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the northern San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles. They navigate the turbulent change of the 1960s, coming of age in the decadent and destructive 1980s. Through the lenses of the young women, the sound and textures of life unfold as the devoted friends provide vivid accounts of one of America’s greatest periods of social change. This work of historical fiction is the first novel by Pacoima native Colette Barris, who was inspired to write her debut book as a testimony to the struggle and triumph of Africans in America.Continue reading