JoeyTweets BookBlast – “From Then To Now” by Mitzi Mensch

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Title: “From Then To Now”

Author: Mitzi Mensch

Genres: contemporary literary fiction, contemporary literature, contemporary fiction

Description: From Then to Now is a novel within a novel. Maggie figures that, with events being so old, it is safe to tell all. Figuring wrong is her first mistake. Downloading the manuscript onto her grown daughters computer is her second mistake.

Andrea is dismayed to discover Maggie’s infidelity in her first marriage and shocked to learn of her grandmothers cloistered pregnancy and forced adoption of her newborn daughter. She uses the Internet to find the people mentioned in her mothers story, more to satisfy her own curiosity than to bring her mother peace.

From Then to Now spans six decades and addresses changes, both individual and societal, in attitude, perception, and awareness. These changes, triggered in part by outside world events, bring about personal understanding achieved only after loss is experienced and enlightenment has been attained.

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