JoeyTweets BookBlast – “Crossroads: The Discovery Journal: Reflecting and Reaching Out” by Gloria Jean Berry

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Title: “Crossroads: The Discovery Journal: Reflecting and Reaching Out”

Author: Gloria Jean Berry

Genres: self help, self esteem

Description: It’s a fact, everyone faces situations in which they cannot arrive at solutions alone. Life can be complex and confusing. This is particularly true during the late teens and young adult years. Although “Crossroads: The Discovery Journal:  Reflecting and Reaching Out” targets late teens and young adults, this combination book and journal will also have an impact on those beyond those stages of life.

Target Groups:  Late Teens and Young Adults, Parents and Educators of Late Teens and Young Adults

“Crossroads” is innovative and unique. Author and former teacher Gloria Jean Berry presents invaluable advice on how to get help in making those tough decisions that keep you awake at night. This self-help guide aims to enhance one’s decision-making skills.

You’ll learn that working through challenging, perplexing circumstances with the help of others can offer hope. Words of wisdom are also included from some of the country’s most powerful and influential figures. Their advice will inspire you to reach for your dreams with passion and determination.Continue reading