What is a JoeyTweets.com BookBlast?

A JoeyTweets.com BookBlast is perfect for promoting your books to hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide via Twitter.

The JoeyTweets.com BookBlast will promote your book on @JoeyPinkney and @JoeyTweetsIt on Twitter. Your book will be tweeted throughout the duration of your BookBlast to over 364,000 twitter accounts, exposing your book to a growing readership.

After receiving the requested information, JoeyTweets.com will create different tweets for your blast. These tweets will be sent out throughout the BookBlast time period of your choosing. Many of the tweets sent by @JoeyPinkney and @JoeyTweetsIt are liked and/or retweeted. These activities could potentially gain your book even more exposure long after the BookBlast is finished.

Each tweet may include a link to your book’s sales page or website. If space permits, the tweet may also contain information about your book, the title of your book, a hashtag of your twitter handle and #ad.

The Small Print:

  • Please give us 48 hours to process and set up your tweets. Many times, the tweets will be set up a lot quicker.
  • We do not provide tracking or statistical information during the campaign. In most cases, the tweets can be tracked by searching twitter for your hashtag twitter handle (#yourtwittername)
  • Once the twitter campaign has started, the tweet will not be changed or altered.
  • Once the twitter campaign has started, a lengthy conversation will not commence. If possible, please ask all pertinent questions and gain an understanding of the process prior to the purchase of a Twitter Campaign.
  • You will not receive a refund because you do not like the tweets that are created for you.
  • We reserve the right to reject your application without entering into correspondence; in the event this happens, we will provide a full refund as soon as possible.